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posted on Aug 14, 2017 (modified on Aug 14, 2017)

Здравейте, това ще е личният ми блог. Пиша за всичко което ме вълнува и оставя отпечатък в съзнанието ми.
Categories: Bulgaria, pictures, beach, internet, history, people, snow, children, light, Trip, Camping, Baby, Wedding, Canon, Laptop, Computers
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Here since: Oct 27, 2012
Female, 61
Cell Phone
Nashville, Tennessee
Languages: English
I would like to learn to speak Bulgarian and learn more about the culture....see full post
Here since: Mar 29, 2010
...see full post
Discussing "Wedding"...
Feel free to participate in this public group space. Two easy ways to do this: Add a comment or a question here - on this page... or on any other page in this space. Or, if you want to start a separ...see full post
Las Vegas BG Info
Here since: Oct 24, 2009
Informacia za balgari ,biznesi ,magazini v Las Vegas ! Pitayte ,shte vi bade otgovoreno !...see full post
Here since: Sep 20, 2009
see full post
Here since: Sep 8, 2009
Казвам се Ралица Александрова и съм мама на 3 деца. С моя съпруг живеем в България, но тази година спечелихме от лотарията за зелена карта. Дано всичко мине добре и ние попаднем на това място.Не знаем...see full post
Here since: Apr 26, 2008
hi friend, iam interested to friendship all girls 18 -36 ,and interested to meet with them ,if they want to share thing iam ready to join with you ,plz e-mail-urfriend4urlove@yahoo.co.in. iam waiting ...see full post
koliovata svatba
Кольо се ожени - Созопол 15 Юли 2007!...
see full post
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